Auramine O Conc

Auramine O Conc

Auramine O dyes

[ Molecular Formula ]: C17H22ClN3


[ Colour Index ]: C. I. Basic Yellow 2


[Cas No].2465-27-2

[ Synonym ]:4,4-(Imidocarbonyl)bis(N, N-dimethylaniline) monohydrochloride


[Molecular Weight]:321.84

[Colour Index Number ]:61200


[Appearance]: Yellow to brown powder


[Strength]:200% 210%


[Shade]: To the similar standard of the factory


[Moisture%]:1.0 Max


[Properties]: It is very soluble in water and alcohol


[ Use ]: Dyeing for Paper, Silk, Nylon, hemp etc. Fabric.

Auramine O is a yellow fluorescent dye; very soluble in water, soluble in ethanol; used to stain acid-fast bacteria in sputum or in paraffin sections of infected tissue and as a component of the Truant auramine-rhodamine stain for tubercle bacilli; used as an antiseptic agent.


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