sulphur black 200%

sulphur black 200%

Product Details

Sulphur Black

501 522 521

Shinning and Granular

200% Reddish tone Blueish tone

Sulphur black B 522


[cas no].1326-82-5                                     


[appearance]: Shinning bigger size black granular


[strength]:240%,200% 180%,150%


[shade]: Reddish tone 


[moisture%]:0.7 max


[insoluble matters when in the solution of sodium sulfide, % ]: =0.5


[properties]: It is insoluble in water and alcohol


[ use ]: Mainly used dyeing on cotton, also used dyeing on cambric, viscose and vinylon.


[packages]25kg iron drums, cartons and woven bags


[storage & transportation]: The product must be stored in shade, dry & well-ventilated warehouse. Avoid to be contacted with oxidizing chemicals and combustible organic substances. Keep it away from direct sunlight, heat, sparks and open flames. Carefully handle the product and avoid damaging the package.

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